Dahlia Daze…


Dahlias are my favorite flower; I love the variety of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. I look forward to the end of August with both nostalgia and anticipation…nostalgia for the summer that is fading and anticipation of a trip or two to the Swan Island Dahlia Farms to photograph acres upon acres of dahlias. I can get lost amongst the rows upon rows of bright colors in every combination imaginable. Hours slip away as I move from flower to flower training my macro lens on one flower after another.


It was a sunny morning with bright, hard light but that did not deter me as this gave me the opportunity to dig into my bag of tricks, working with the light. I used a Lastolite Tri-grip diffuser to soften the light. I also used a soft gold reflector to bounce warm light into the shadow side of the dahlias. And, I used my flash with the diffuser attached to fill in the shadow side of the dahlias.

_1XL3121 frame

Several hours flew by as if only minutes had passed. Soon, I was brought back to the present with the feel of the hot sun on my back as it climbed higher into the sky. Whew, I felt like I spent time in a dream world. Not wanting to lose the feeling I immediately set to uploading my images seeking the images that spoke of my morning wandering the dahlia fields. I selected several favorites and let my creativity go wild as I explored NIK ColorEfex Pro 3.0 adding familiar favorites as well as exploring new filters to be used to creatively finish my images.

_1XL3194 frame

_1XL3615 frame

_1XL3629 framed

I finished each image with a custom frame that I created using OnOne Photoframe 4

To learn more about the processes I use to finish my images stop by the Kelby Media Booth on Expo Floor at Photoshop World where I will be teaching my finishing techniques using NIK and OnOne plug-in filters.

Images captured with Nikon D3X, AF 200mm f4 Micro on Lexar digital media