Call of the Bosque 10/24/2007




There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning and this morning when I stepped outside, I heard the call of a flock of geese as they made their way south for the winter. Suddenly, I thought of Bosque del Apache and my upcoming safari just a month away with great anticipation. What an amazing spectacle to witness as thousands upon thousands of snow geese take to the skies with the coming of dawn. My senses are overwhelmed, it takes great control to grab my camera and begin photographing. I am mesmerized by the sights and sounds that are “the Bosque”. I envy those who are about to visit Bosque for the first time for even though the wonder never wanes, there is nothing like the first time. It begins with an early morning arrival at the refuge where we gather our gear to the sounds of the geese as they begin to awaken. As we set up, the sky begins to show a little color off to the east. Suddenly, the sound becomes deafening and as if by some signal thousands of snow geese rise as one into the air, circle around once and fly off to the farm fields for a day of fueling themselves on the corn that is grown jsut for them. I am very excited to share this experience as another Excell Nature Safari commences. Due to a last minute cancellation, there is one spot left for the Nov 26-30 Bosque del Apache Safari. For more information contact me at: or 503-703-3872