Alaska Brown Bear Safari 8/9/2007


Feel a little nip in the air, smell the tange of approaching winter, the bears are in their prime! Filled with the summers grasses and salmon runs the Brown Bears of Alaska are at their peak in early fall as they prepare for a long winter rest. Their coats are thick and glossy, their figures have filled out to nourish them through hibernation. Join me as I take six lucky photographers to the Katmai Wilderness for an adventure of a lifetime photographing the Costal Brown Bears of Katmai, Alaska. From the comfort of our wilderness lodge we will venture out daily in search of amazing photo opportunities. Gourmet meals await us upon our return. It truly is heaven on earth! Fishing is available at an additional cost for those who would like to take home a souvenier of their wilderness experience.  We begin our adventure in Kodiak, where we meet over dinner on the evening of Sept 9 for an orientation and to get to know each other. Included in the $4950.00 fee is guidance and instruction for one week, airfare from Kodiak to the lodge and back to Kodiak as well as lodging and all meals while at Katmai. For more information or to sign up contact: Laurie Excell at or call 503-703-3872

*Safari update….

Bosque has one opening left

Yellowstone is sold out

Fort DeSoto only has a couple of openings left

So Texas has space available

Coastal Brown Bears is already filling