A Fond Farewell To Alaska

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise our last morning in Alaska.

A last turn around the bay found a lone bear fishing at the mouth of the river

There’s a chill in the air.  Fall is fast approaching and with it the end of the grizzly season.  It is time to go home with our hearts and hard drives full of the magic that is Alaska.  I have my images, my memories and the anticipation of next year to get me through the long months between visits.

A sincere thanks to the folks at the lodge that took such great care of us…Perry & Bob our guides who tirelessly worked to get us the best opportunities that each day offered.  Angela who is the glue that keeps it all together with her hard work and cheery smile.  And to Darrell who not only nourished us with his amazing cooking but, who teased our palettes with a variety of delicious dishes each and every meal.  You make me feel like I have come home each visit.

I consider myself lucky to have had such a great group of people to share my favorite slice of heaven with.  Your enthusiasm and awe made the adventure all the more enjoyable, thanks.