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On The Road To Recovery

It’s been 4 days since my surgery and I am doing amazingly well!  The mass is benign, I was off pain meds within 48 hours (a Tylenol or two a day is all I need) and I actually have to be careful not to overdo I feel so good.


I had hoped to answer each and every one of you who took the time to email with such caring thoughts, prayers and good wishes that have poured in but, the response was so overwhelming I don’t even know where to start.  So, sorry for the mass, yet, heartfelt, thanks to everyone.  I am honored and humbled at all of your response to my health scare.  I honestly believe that everyone pulling together for my speedy recovery not only made it happen but set forth a series of events that just about guaranteed it.

Long story short…When I first got my diagnosis I made an appointment with the doctor who my primary care physician recommended and we scheduled surgery for three weeks away.  I contacted my good friend, Dr Steve, for some advice and he advocated robotic surgery as it is a gentler, less invasive form of surgery than the tradition method.  He sent me a list of doctors to contact and I made an appointment with Dr Suzuki.  After our meeting I felt that I wanted to go the robotic route but, wouldn’t be able to get in until at least mid-March (too long for my liking and upcoming adventure schedule) so, I decided to stick with the original surgery.

You can imagine my surprise when I received a call on Monday, Jan 21st from doctor Suzuki’s office telling me that she had them shift things around to get me in earlier and she could operate on Wed…2 days away and the same day as my other surgery date.  It was an answer to my (and apparently all of your) prayers!  I felt a huge tension fall off my shoulders and I knew that with the love and support of all my friends and family and this sudden, yet welcome, change of plans everything was going to be alright!

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who took the time to email, say a prayer for me and keep me in your thoughts.  And a special thanks to Dr Steve for guiding me down the best path for me and my lifestyle; to my friends Ted & Joan, who coached me on all the things to ask to be properly informed; to Mimi, my sister from another mother, for all her sage advice and listening ear during our many walks; and finally to my husband Frank and my mom for being here with me through it all, at my beck and call, trying to keep me from overdoing too much, too soon.

I can’t wait to feel a camera in my hands again soon!


Life’s Little Detours

The last you heard from me was a Christmas Eve Holiday wish.  After that I had big plans to post a recap of 2012 showing the highlights in photos and then segway into 2013 with post about my upcoming trips, goals and plans for the year and even take a spontaneous trip north for northern lights during my break from Adventures but, as the title of this blog says sometimes life (and our bodies) have other ideas…


To recap…I awoke Christmas morning, enjoyed opening presents with my mom and Frank and then sat down to breakfast.  That’s when the fun began.  I came down with that wretched flu that’s been going around and spent the next several days in bed with fever, chills and the rest of the crud that goes with the flu.  The flu cleared up but a nagging cough that I’d had for awhile lingered on so another trip to the Dr discovered that I had pneumonia as well (geeze, I never get sick).  So, back home and to bed with lot’s of, fluid, rest and antibiotics.  The drugs seemed to do their job and I have very little cough left but…

Meanwhile while all this was going on I also came home from Hawaii to find several messages from my Dr.  During my routine, yearly exams we discussed my general health and she ordered some extra tests which confirmed that I needed even more tests, more Dr appointments, and now surgery!

Not to bore you with all the details and, in fact, I was actually going to keep it all to myself and get back to work right away (this isn’t about photography after all) but one week of no blogging turned into two and then into three and the emails have been coming in wondering where I am, is everything ok, what’s going on…  So, bottom line is I “go under the knife” on Wed and am told to expect a full and speedy recovery!

I do hope to begin blogging soon and I am dedicated to getting back up to full speed quickly as I have a lot of wonderful Adventures awaiting me and many friends (new and old) to share them with.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and emails!

See ya’ all back here real soon!