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Tech Tuesday…Accidents Happen

Let’s face it, accidents happen.  You’ve been out shooting all day and it’s now late at night.  You are downloading your images, editing and filing while you keep nodding off.  Next thing you know you hit the format button on the card in your computer and realize that you hadn’t downloaded it!  Or, you get that dreaded blinking CHA that tells you your card is corrupt.  All those wonderful images (notice how it’s always the images you want the most) are gone.

But, wait, they are not totally gone!  As long as you haven’t shot over the top of the images you can rescue them.  Enter Photo Rescue…the best $29.00 you will spend on your digital photography.  I have yet to find a card it couldn’t save!  Available for both Mac and PC.

Destination Cuba!

I leave for Cuba tomorrow and will be there until March 4th.  We will have no phone or internet connections.  Stay Tuned for a full adventure report upon my return.

Tech Tuesday…Evolution Of A Solution

As a wildlife and landscape photographer I am constantly changing between my Wimberley Head when photographing wildlife and my Really Right Stuff ballhead when photographing landscapes.  In the field, this can be a real hassle trying to quickly remove one head to attach the other and I worried about stripping the threads in the process or missing a great shot while fumbling with equipment.  A couple of years ago, one of my participants (Bruce) had a great idea of attaching a quick release plate to the bottom of the ballehad and then mounting the ballhead to the Wimberley…

While it wasn’t a perfect solution, it certainly got the job allowed me to quickly mount the BH-55, make a few shots and go back to the Wimberley.  Really Right Stuff took it a step farther when they introduced the TH-DVTL: Round Dovetail Plate; a custom made plate that threads onto the bottom of the BH-55 and has a quick release setup on the bottom…

It didn’t solve the whole issue of working with a ballhead mounted to a Wimberely but, it was a well machined accessory.  Fast forward to last month when another participant (Gary) had a leveling head with the quick release clamp that he could switch between the BH-55 and the Wimberely at the release of one lever.  Now this made great sense but, I didn’t want to add any more weight than necessary so I went to the Really Right Stuff website and wandered around looking for something that would work for my needs.  It was then that I realized that I could buy a clamp (B2 LLR II)

and attach it to my tripod and then simply clamp the BH-55 to the tripod…

Gary also had a plate (TH-DVTL-40) designed for their BH-40 which just happens to have the same base as the Wimberley…

I went online and ordered two clamps (one for each tripod) and the dovetail plate to fit my Wimberley and I can now quickly and easily change from one head to the other with no muss or fuss.

*Note: Really Right Stuff offers several clamps.  Make sure to find the one that has the correct threads for your tripod.  Most tripods and ballheads have 3/8 threads at the attachment point.  If in doubt give the folks at Really Right Stuff a call and they will be happy to help you.

Musings From A Fellow Adventurer

Greetings, fellow adventurers, my name is Linda Marcrum. I am extremely honored that Laurie has asked me to share my love of photography with you. I’ve had the photography bug for as long as I can remember. All I can say is thank goodness for digital cameras. I love the instant gratification of viewing my pictures on the screen and the fact that I can take a gazillion pictures if I choose too. Even if you try to focus on quality instead of quantity, you still end up taking more pictures than you plnned, right?
I’ve been on numerous adventures with Laurie, Alaska, Yellowstone, Oregon and the American Southwest with more trips to follow. My photography skills have greatly improved since I began my adventures with Laurie. In the past I primarily took pictures of softball games, cheerleading clinics and football games, the pictures we all take of our children and loved ones. Memories we cherish forever documented by our photos.
I have broadened my horizons with Laurie. I am now taking the pictures that inspire me to do more. The sunsets and sunrises that we all know happen every day, but seldom take the time to appreciate. The power of the waves crashing against the shore, the beauty of birds soaring high in the sky, the animals we fear, the animals we love and the unusual animals we don’t see every day. The adventures of a lifetime, the adventures you remember every time you look back at your photos.
My most recent trip with Laurie began photographing the Oregon shoreline. The waves were simply amazing and BIG. They just exploded when they hit the rocks.

Nikon D3s, AF-S 70-200 2.8 VR II

The cold days were filled with rain, sunshine and even hail. When you’re doing what you love, the elements don’t seem to matter. You just keep clicking, waiting for that perfect shot. If you stand there long enough you might even begin to see faces in the water. I think I see at least three faces in the following picture. I love the slow shutter speeds to get your creative juices flowing and sometimes even your imagination.

Nikon D3s, AF-S 70-200 2.8 VR II

I spent a lot of my time this week perfecting shutter speed using my Singh Ray filter. The water and waves took on a life of their own using this method. I don’t live close to the ocean so I was eager to experiment.
I use Aperture, Nik filters and Capture NX2 to finish my RAW images. I’m still learning Photoshop.
The following picture was converted to black and white using Silver Effect Pro, the filter I applied was “wet rocks.” I figured what better filter to use on wet rocks than the one designed to convey that look.

Nikon D3S, AF-S 70-200 2.8 VR II

I couldn’t believe my luck when I caught his little fellow surfing and having fun in the waves. I didn’t have my big lens on my camera at the time but you learn to make the most of what you have with you. When the opportunity presents itself, you seize the moment.

Nikon D3s, AF-S 70-200 2.8 VR II

One day we went to Charleston Harbor and spent the morning photographing unusual items at the boat marina. This group of buoy’s caught my attention. Laurie has encouraged me to look for unique subjects to photograph. I used Color Efex Pro 4.0, Polaroid transfer to edit the following picture.

Nikon D3s, AF-S 24-120 f/4 VR

The last day of our adventure we went to photograph Coquille lighthouse. I am particularly fond of lighthouses. They make me think about times past and the fisherman using the light to guide them home and warn them of dangerous shorelines and reefs. The lighthouse had to be a welcome sight to many. It was drizzling and misty that day. I decided to again use Color Efex Pro 4, Polaroid transfer to age my photo and give it that dreamy look.

Nikon D3s, AF-S 24-120 f/4 VR

The sunset on another amazing trip…..

Nikon D3s, AF-S 24-120 f/4 VR

Once again thank you Laurie for helping me to fulfill my love of photography. I enjoy being with my fellow photographers to share ideals and discuss methods. I always come away from an adventure looking forward to the next. Thank you also to my wonderful husband who encourages me to follow my passion.