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Where Is Laurie’s Hair???

Those of you who have followed this blog for the last few years may recall a project Joe McNally did called “Where Is Laurie’s Hair?” in which he took a photograph of my hair at each location we visited…

photo copyright by Joe McNally

It was pretty popular for awhile and we both had a great time but, then it ran it’s course and we both moved on to different things. I still have folks come up to me and ask “Where Is Laurie’s Hair?” though and I thought I’d give you an update. I had plenty of hair in Yellowstone this year and even had a natural frost compliments of mother nature…

During this time my mother had found a lump on her breast which turned into a second bought with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy in January and once the incision had healed it was time to get started with chemo. The prognosis is excellent and so far she has only felt tired. Each day I call her to get a hair alert and a few days ago she told me that her hair was coming out in clumps. So, yesterday, when she was nearly bald, she headed out to a wig shop to find a nice wig to cover her baldness I was at my hairdresser to have a nice color and cut which was long overdue when I took a deep breath and told her to pull out the clippers and attach the shortest one she had. Mom, I know you now have a nice wig that helps to avoid drawing too much attention to your situation but, I felt the need to give you what little support I am able to. I can’t have chemo for you, nor can I alleviate any of the symptoms you will get during your chemo treatments but, I can give you all my love and support by being by your side when you need me and well, you knew I wouldn’t be able to help myself, by wearing my hair buzzed while you are without yours…

For you mom, and all the other women who have experienced, are experiencing and will experience breast cancer, I support you and salute you for being brave women and inspiring the rest of us with your courage and your strength!

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Laurie Excell!

I’m honored to be this weeks guest blogger for Scott Kelby so, head on over and check it out

“The Grid” With Scott Kelby And Matt Kloskowski Premiers Today

Don’t miss out on seeing the Premier of The Grid with your hosts Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski live today at 12:30pm EST!

Excellent Photo Adventure Opportunities Await You

Need some adventure in your life? There are a few remaining Excellent Photo Adventure opportunities available for 2011…

Southwest Adventure #1 Apr 10-16, 2011 Limit 5, 2 openings
Southwest Adventure #2 Apr 17-23, 2011 Limit 5, 2 openings

Storm Chase Adventure May 15-23, 2011 Sorry FILLED

Alaska Coastal Brown Bears Spring Adventure June 5-12, 2011 Limit 6, 2 openings

Alaska Coastal Brown Bears Prime Fishing Adventure Aug 7-14, 2011 Limit 6, 1 opening

Yellowstone Fall Rut Adventure Sept 22-28, 2011 LImit 5, 3 openings

Albuquerque Balloon Festival Adventure Oct 5-9, 2011 Limit 5, 3 openings

Polar Bear Adventure Nov 11-17, 2011 Limit 6, 1 opening

Bosque del Apache Adventure Nov 27-Dec 2, 2011 Limit 5, 2 openings

I look forward to sharing an Excellent Photo Adventure with you soon!