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Two Little Bundles Of Joy

After eight years of being without pets since our beloved Cleo died, Frank & I decided at Christmastime that it was time to get another pet. We decided that cats were the best option for our lifestyle. Frank found these two little bundles of joy at a cat show where a shelter was offering cats for adoption. I fell in love with them from emailed photos and could hardly wait to get home and meet the girls. What adorable little kitties they are. They love to snuggle, are playful with us and each other and are just plain joys to have around.

Meet Black & Gold “Goldie” (in honor of the Pittsburgh Steelers)…

and Polamalu “Malu” (think Steelers again…)

It’s going to be hard to tear myself away from the little ones and head back out on the road again but, go I must…the Grand Canyon calls and I can leave knowing that they will be companions for Frank while I am gone.

Where Will You Be Aug 15-21, 2010?

I’ll be leading a workshop in Iceland with Focus on Nature.

Focus on Nature

Why not join me for a week of amazing amazing photography, friendly comraderie with fellow photographers and great adventures! For more information and to sign up visit Focus on Nature

The Journey Home

I felt a little nostalgia as I pulled away from Mammoth Hot Springs this morning. I have spent the last three weeks in Yellowstone National Park and no two days were remotely the same. We ran the gamut of subjects from bison, to pronghorn, bighorn, wolves, coyotes, river otters and elk. We had snow days and sunshine days that dawned cold and clear. Subjects were abundant each day we simply had to seek them out. Being in the right place at the right time played a big part; so did perseverence. We departed early each day and put our time in the field. We worked our subjects to find the best angle, lens, exposure and composition that would share our experiences with you. Our hard drives are filled with incredible images of our adventure…documentation of our life experiences…triggers to memories of days past some time in the future.

Our bags are packed for the last time as we depart for Bozeman and our respective homes. We are reflective, sharing experiences from the week, each bringing up a moment that came clearly to mind at a mere mention. We head on down the road only to find a herd of elk two hundred strong. They turned to look at us as we reach for our cameras (second nature by now) and once again put our camera to our eye and do what we as photographers do…capture moments in time as they unfold before our lenses…


There were so many elk spread across the valley one frame would not capture them all. In fact a five frame pano still only included about 70% of the herd. I could not do the moment justice but, I do have images for my files that will trigger memories of the moment.


The airport was a bustle with people arriving, new adventures awaiting them and others, like us, departing. I worked for a couple of hours the buzz of passersby in my ears. When I looked up, everyone was gone. The terminal eerily empty, save for one lone traveler at the other end of the small terminal…


I moved to my gate to find a stunning view of fresh snow and a breaking storm out the window…


An orange plow worked at removing the freshly fallen snow. It was a great contrast with the bluish mountains in the distance…


The call came to board the lane to catch our flights and we were airborne shortly. As the sun broke through the clouds bathing the freshly dusted farms below I brought my camera to my eye for one last click. Next stop…home, sweet home!


Images captured with Nikon D3X, AF-S 70-200mm VR II, AF-S 24-70mm On Lexar Digital Media.

Yellowstone…So Long, Farewell…

My time in Yellowstone has wound down to one last day of shooting and we made the most of it beginning with a big bull bison who came within portrait range…


We worked the bison for a bit and then moved on to find the bachelor herd of bull elk sitting amongst the trees. Making note of their location we headed to Gardiner to see if the bighorn sheep or pronghorn were around. We did find a nice herd of pronghorn that we worked for awhile. There was a small herd of deer nearby and it was interesting how the pronghorn watched us but, seemed really nervous of the deer. At one point when the deer rose from their resting place, the pronghorn all bounded away only to return as the deer moved off. This group of males made a great image as they all turned to look at the deer in unison…


After three weeks in the park, I am ready to go home and yet, I feel the pull of Yellowstone deep in my heart telling me to stay, there are many more wonderful experiences ahead. I leave with my hard drives overflowing with amazing images, my heart filled with wonderful experiences and new friends who have enjoyed the adventure over the last three weeks. Thanks to everyone who shared the experience that is Yellowstone in winter. You all brought bucket loads of enthusiasm to the adventure. It’s your excitement that makes sharing Yellowstone such fun! And, I have to give a big thank you to Arden & Erica of Yellowstone Expeditions for going beyond the call of duty with long hours, crazy logisitcal planning and undying enthusiasm for all they did to make this the best winter adventure in Yellowstone ever!!!

I have alot of catching up to do when I get home but, in the back of my mind I am already planning my next return to Yellowstone. Stay tuned…

Images captured with Nikon D3S, AF-S 600mm VR, TC-17E on Lexar Digital Media