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Can’t Get Enough Of The Birds

I am still in Florida and am heading to the east coast for a few days with my friends, Ted & Joan, to photograph at some new locations but, before heading out we stopped at Fort DeSoto for a morning shoot.
Found this Great Blue Heron in the grasses and loved the way the grasses and his feathers were blowing in the breeze.


While I had seen several Reddish Egrets this last week, I had not had a chance to photograph any. While he was not dancing, I still loved the vivid colors of this one’s breeding plumage and the background.


We headed over to the Oystercatchers nest to see how they were doing and were treated to a nest exchange as one came in to spell the other. We caught a glimpse of the three eggs before it settled on the nest.


I wanted to work some of the shorebirds so, I lowered my tripod and sat on the beach and let them come to me as they were foraging for food. I was able to capture a Semipalmated Plover.


While I was working the shorebirds a Piping Plover came into range. I was thrilled to have a chance to get my glass on a Piping Plover which is listed as threatened.


Images Captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 600mm VR, TC-14E on Lexar Digital Media.

FOrt DeSoto Day Five…The Grand Finale

We headed back out to photograph the spoonbills this morning and were rewarded, once again, with some great opportunities.


There were a few fledgling Spoonbills that are so light they almost looked white. I loved the way they twist and turn as they dump air as they come in for a landing.


Pelicans were flying back and forth with nesting material.


It was fun to put my lens on the terns as they hoovered in the air scoping out a fish before diving headlong into the water. With a bit of overcast, the sky came out white giving the image a high key look.


We finished the week with a visit to a great lake north of Tampa to photograph a freshwater rookery. Hearing an Osprey calling to it’s mate we followed the sound and found this guy posing in the tree. (Photographing from the boat with the 600mm VR handheld)


All in all it was an outstanding week with a great variety of subjects to photograph. I want to thank Steve, JoAnn & Dee for making this a safari to remember. You enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn was inspiring, motivating me to push myself even harder.

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 600mm VR, TC-14E or TC-17E on Lexar Media

Fort DeSoto Day Three

We headed to North Beach for our AM shoot and found another smorgasborg of subjects to aim our lenses at.





Our afternoon shoot was at a great little rookery I know of that is right in the heart of a busy town. There was so much activity it felt like were in a photographic shooting arcade. The images are still downloading as I type so, they’ll have to wait for another day.

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 600mm VR on Lexar Digital Media.

Fort DeSoto Day Three

We had a special treat in store today as James Shadle “the Spoonbill Guy” was taking us to one of his favorite Spoonbill locations to photograph. We headed out into Tampa Bay before dawn and were in location by sunrise, thigh deep in water watching as the rookery came to life with Spoonbills, Ibis (both White and Glossy), Pelicans, and many more birds began their day.




We took a break for lunch and to upload our images before heading back out into Tampa Bay. We stopped by the Spoonbill Rookery for a bit and then worked our way over to a sand bar where we once again got into the water and photographed Caspian, Royal, Lesser, Sandwich and even Gull-billed Terns as well as Marbled Godwit and many more. I have to say it was quite a treat and I was able to add two new birds to my files.






Images Captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 600mm VR on Lexar Digital Media