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Yellowstone Safari Day 2

The day started off overcast with the feel of snow in the air. We had an all day snowcoach ride from Mammoth to Old Faithful. Our first stop was to photograph some bison.


With heavy overcast skies, I got into a B&W mode and photographed a handheld panorama of a creek along the way.


As we neared Hayden Valley the clouds broke up and we had great light playing across the snow. I have always wanted to photograph this tree against the hillside and the light and snow were finally right for the image I envisioned.


A trip to the west side of the park is not complete without a visit to Yellowstone Falls. We stopped at Lower Falls first and I shot the Canyon at two extremes. First with the Fisheye to include the entire Canyon…


followed by a telephoto composition of a small section of the river.


We stopped at the Upper Falls Viewpoint and were treated to two river otters frolicking along the river at the bottom of the Canyon. They were too far to photograph so we just enjoyed the show. For this image I was feeling a bit artsy fartsy and tried a new technique I have been working on with the image.


After yesterday’s amazing photo opps, the pressure was on to find great subjects and I have to say we had another great day.

Images captured with Nikon D3 AF-S 600mm (Bison), AF-S 70-300mm (Yellowstone River, Upper Yellowstone Falls), AF-S 24-70mm (Pano, Lone Tree), AF 16mm Fisheye (Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone) on Lexar Digital Media

Yellowstone Safari Day 1

All I can say about today is WOW! Less than twenty minutes into the morning we came across a wolf on a kill.


The ravens kept harassing the wolf trying to get some for themselves.


After the wolf had eaten it’s fill, a coyote moved in cautiously, scoping the area to make sure it was safe first.


Our next encounter was with three big bull elk…one was point blank right off the road, ours for the photographing.


Then, darned if we didn’t find the rest of the wolf pack (Black Tail Pack) and have the opportunity to watch them as they went about their daily business. There were two black and three lighter wolves in the pack. Most of the time they were out of range to photograph but, they did pass close enough to capture a few images.


And if that was not enough, we had not one, not two but five bighorn sheep rams



With a first day like this, it’s going to be tough to beat it but, I’m up for the challenge.

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 600mm VR, D3X, TC-17E (on the wolf and coyote) on Lexar Digital Media

Yellowstone Safari

You’d think that after spending seventeen days in Yellowstone last month I would be through for awhile but, no, I’m back for more with a great group of folks who are as eager as I am to witness the beauty of Yellowstone blanketed in snow. We arrived in Mammoth early so off to the Terraces we went. With the last rays of daylight bathing the landscape some great images were there for the making.


While the overall landscape was beautiful I love to move in tight to capture otherworldly, abstract images as well.


Stay tuned to see what opportunities the week has in store for us.

Images captured with Nikon D3X, AF-S 70-300mm VR on Lexar Digital Media

Bosque 2009 & Safari Updates


Once again I will be taking a group to Bosque Nov 30-Dec 4, 2009. The cost is $2150.00 and includes transportation from Albuquerque to Socorro and to location daily, most middays spent editing images and helping participants to finish your images along with my expert instruction in the field. The safari will be posted on my website later this week.



2009 Safari Updates:
Yellowstone Feb 22-27, 2009 FULL
Fort DeSoto April 13-17, 2009 SPACE AVAILABLE
South Texas May 10-15, 2009 SPACE AVAILABLE
Storm Chasing May 23-30, 2009 SPACE AVAILABLE
Brown bears of Alaska June 7-14, 2009 FULL
Bosque del Apache Nov 30-Dec4, 2009 SPACE AVAILABLE


Yellowstone Winter TBA
Brown Bears of Alaska May 30-June 6-13, 2010
Brown Bears of Alaska June 6-, 2010


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