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Bosque Blastoff

A classic Bosque morning blastoff.

Image captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 70-200mm VR on Lexar Digital Media.

Back To The Bosque…

I look forward with great anticipation each year to my annual visit to Bosque del Apache, a magical place unlike any I have ever visited.  No matter how eloquently it is described, nothing can match up to the real experience up tens of thousands of snow geese lifting off en masse each morning as they head to the fields to feed all day and then as they return each evening in small groups.  The noise is nearly deafening, the sight so amazing you almost forget to click the shutter.  The rest of the day is spent exploring the refuge in search of subjects to point our lenses at.   Stay tuned this week as we share our experiences at “The Bosque”

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 600mm VR on Lexar Digital Media

Phase One Finished…

With time running out, we worked until 4:30 AM finishing up the tile job in the bathroom.  At 8:00 AM I headed to the Airport to spend Thanksgiving Holiday in Salt Lake.  Frank has feverishly scrubbed the tiles all clean and sealed the tile in preparation for tomorrows grouting session.  Over 200 tiles went into this project.  I’ll post the finished project when it’s done.

A Change Of Pace

When my husband asked to schedule a week of my time earlier this year, Iknew he had something other than vacation up his sleeve and sure enough, we began tiling our bathroom yesterday….

Day one ended with eight rows of tile installed.

Day 2 (today) was spent cutting and laying the trim…

With a few rows left and some finishing touches, we should finish up the shower enclosure tomorrow and begin the walls and floor.