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Estes Park

We headed to Estes Park today for an overnight visit.  It’s getting late in the season, we had snow flurries and the roads are beginning to close but we found gorgeous views…

and herds of elk with bulls sparing to establish dominance.

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 70-300mm VR on Lexar Digital Media

Denver Union Station

A visit to Denver is not complete without stopping in at the local train station to say hi.  When Dennis, the very friendly guard saw me taking some photographs he invited me up on the mezzanine to photograph, then he took me out on the tracks and we finished our tour with a trip to the roof.  What a treat it was.  Thanks Dennis.  It was the perfect vantage point to use my 16mm 2.8 fisheye.  I had the finished image in mind when I clicked the shutter and after finishing it in the digital darkroom it came out even better that I had hoped.

View from the roof of Union Station.

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF 16mm Fisheye (top), AF-S 70-300mm VR on Lexar Digital Media.

Check Out This Weeks Guest Blogger…

Yep, that’s me over on Scott’s blog as his Wednesday guest blogger.  What a great honor it was to be asked to do a guest appearance on Scott’s blog.  The response was overwhelming!  It was very gratifying to know that I thouched on a topic that appears to be near and dear to many of you.  Thanks Scott, for the wonderful experience.

Of course my blog was down yesterday so I couldn’t post it then.  🙂

Keep smiling!

New York With Joe McNally

After a great week in Vermont for DLWs, the gang went to Joe & Annie’s place for a couple of day os of R&R.  Joe took us into NYC for a tour, dinner & a show.  What a wonderful, crazy time driving around NYC with Joe at the wheel of his Suburban driving like…well, a New Yorker.  It was better than an E ticket ride at Disneyland!

We stopped at St Patrick’s Cathedral to take a look.  All I can say is Wow!

After a whirlwind tour of Joe’s NY, we headed for dinner at Patsy’s where the likes of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack used to hang out and had a marvelous Italian dinner…

After a wonderful meal, we headed to Broadway to see Young Frankenstein where we laughed til our stomachs hurt.  What a great day!  Thanks JOe!

Images captured with Nikon D700, AF 16mm Fisheye, AF 28mm 1.4 on Lexar Digital Media