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Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk Portland Event

Wow, I am totally blown away at the response and enthusiasm that Scott Kelby’s Worldwilde Photo Walk is generating.  I mean, I expected it to be a success and all but, here, two days after the announcement several events are full and the rest are filling fast!  There are about 13 spots left for the Portland event so sign up now and become a part of the fun as we explore some of the many nooks and cranny’s in the City of Roses!

New Toyz!!!

It was Christmas in July when I received a phone call this afternoon that my new Nikon D700 and SB-900 Speelight were in and I could come and pick them up!  I couldn’t get there soon enough…seriously, it took a few hours to finally take possession of my new toyz…the anticipation was killing me.  I’m studying the menus and the instructions and will post my first shots tomorrow…after I quite giggling long enough to hold the camera still.  I can say this much so far….it sure feels good and it has that yummy new camera smell.

Flashbacks Of Yesteryear

It’s amazing the things that disappear into the recesses of our memories only to come flashing back by looking at a photograph.  I was perusing some old photographs recently and that’s exactly what happened.  Suddenly a flood of memories came rushing into my mind; happy memories of childhood jaunts with the family, laughing, playing with my cousins, picnics.  As is turns out, the particular photos I was looking at were of a location not far from where I was staying at my parents in SLC so, I had to take a ride to revisit my past.

Midway Reservoir where my cousins and I found a homemade log raft with a pole and spent hours poling around.  I fell in and after thrashing for a minute realized I could touch the bottom so I stood up and waded out dripping wet.

When we tired of playing on the raft we would play hide and seek in the Quaking Aspen groves; dashing from tree to tree, those skinny trunks almost hiding our little bodies.  To this day “Quakies” are one of my favorite trees.

In honor of memories of yesteryear I felt that the images needed that old time look (no smart comments about my age now).  So I turned to my favorite Photoshop plug-ins and used NIK ColorEfex Pro 3.0 to give me some special effects.

As a finishing touch I turned to the new OnOne Software plugin PhotoTools and added a dark edge to draw your eye into the forest.  If you look close enough you may see the ghosts of three little girls cavorting through the trees.  Don’t forget to carry your camera everywhere with you and capture those special moments in your life so when your memory forgets, your photos will help you to remember.

Images created with Nikon D3, AF-S 70-200mm VR & AF-S 24-70mm on Lexar Digital Media.

Hey There Nikon Fans

Today was a double header for me.  Kelby Training launched my D300 training video…

And, I began my stint as one of the Nikon Pros on the Nikon Digital Learning Center flickr website…

So, check it out, learn something new and thenget out there and keep shooting.  It’s all Good!