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Now Doesn’t That Look Fun!

My friend, Joan Miller, sent me a picture that she took of me snorkeling with the Manatees. It sure brought a flood of happy memories back. Suddenly, I am back in Crystal Springs feeling the coolness of the water, the boyancy of my wetsuit as I “float” along, weightless. I can hear myself breathing through the snorkel.  I relive the thrill of being so close to such a gentle giant who seems equally curious about me. I’m the one with the pink flippers. Im photographing the Manatee with my Nikon D300 and AF-S 14-24mm lens in an EWA Marine underwater “housing”.  It was the perfect solution for my needs.


Reflections Of A Great Trip

My two weeks in Florida are over. I am packed and ready to head to the airport for my flight back home. But, I had to make one more visit to Fort DeSoto this morning and what a beautiful morning it was. The light was soft, the water calm and we had a variety of birds to photograph.  A great egret preening in the shallows.


An adult Wood Stork was hanging out near the picnic area and let us approach close enough to get a portrait.


On our way back to the car, we heard the call of a Great Horned Owl and found him high in a tree.


All in all an incredible adventure.

Images captured with NIkon D3, AF-S 200-400m, TC-17E on Lexar Digital Media.

Open Up & Say Ahhh

My snorkeling with the Manatees experience was short and sweet and I can’t wait to go back a do it again. This morning we had one very cooperative guy who “hung” around posing for photos.hanging-3.jpg

Coming in for a closer look. This guy seemed just as interested in us as we were in him.


If manatees could talk, what do you think he would be saying to us?


Images captured with Nikon D300, AF-S 14-24mm in Ewa Marine Housing on Lexar Digital Media.

Gentle Giants

What an excellent week with a great group of folks in fort DeSoto last week. We had colder temps than normal, what felt like gale force winds at times and a thunder storm complete with torrential rain one evening but, none of that stopped anyone from learning new techniques and applying them to their photography so that they all went home with a very nice collection of great images and memories. Thanks to everyone for making the safari such a fun time. And a special thanks to my “assistant”, Moose who went beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone was capturing beautiful images and learning proper shooting techniques.

Before heading back home to prepare for my next great adventure, DLWS Moab, I am spending a couple of days at Crystal River snorkeling and photographing the Manatees. What an amazing experience to have these gentle giants within reach, friendly and curious about the strange creatures that visit the waters they call home.manatee.jpg


Schools of fish were nearly as tame as the Manatees, allowing a close approach for photographs.


Images captured with Canon G9 in Canon WP-DC21 underwater housing on Lexar Digital Media