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A Morning Spent Visiting The Past


In search of something a little bit unique for DLWS Moab, Moose & Josh did a Ghost Town search on the internet and found “Cisco”. Not knowing what to expect, we headed off this morning to find ourselves stepping back in time and having a ball wandering around the past. When we first arrived, the moon was setting.


While the rest of the gang wandered around the “Boneyard of the Past”, I spotted this wonderful old building. I worked this view for a bit and wandered around to see what other treats it would reveal.


I was not disappointed when I found this rusty old can oozing tar, frozen in time.


Still intrigued, I rounded the corner of the house and found paydirt! This weathered old door seemed to say “come in and let me share my past with you. I had to go get the rest of the gang and share my find with them. I love the variety of unique compositions we each saw.

Images captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 70-300mm VR on Lexar Digital Media.

Dead Horse Point

We headed out to Dead Horse Point for our evening shoot. The Photo God’s did not shower us with gorgeous light or puffy clouds but, that did not stop us from shooting knowing full well that we could work some magic in Photoshop CS3.  I dialed in minus 1.5 stops of light to add drama to this image, a few quick steps in Photoshop and I’m finished.


Image captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 24-70mm on Lexar Digital Media

Right Back Where We Started From

The DLWS gang is back together again and we are in Moab where we first began some 27 events ago. While most people see only the red rocks of Southern Utah, I see the B&W potential as well. A few quick steps in the Digital Darkroom and I’m done.


Image captured with Nikon D3, AF-S 24-70mm on Lexar Digital Media

Deep In The Heart Of Texas…

South Texas that is.  I have wrapped up my Fort DeSoto Safari and am looking forward to the next great adventure to photograph Birds in South Texas.  There are still a couple of spots available for the first week and one spot left for the second session.  What a great opportunity to photograph 25-30+ different species of birds from a variety of locales.  It truly is like shooting fish in a barrel (though I wonder why anyone would want to shoot fish in a barrel)…it’s that easy.  The wildlife comes to us.  Some of my favorite subjects from past visits include: Crested CaraCara, Harris Hawls, Green Jays, Golden Fronted Woodpecker, Chacalaca, Scaled Quail, a variety of warbles and so much more!