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Coastal Brown Bears of Katmai

Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Safari Sept 10-17, 2008


Come experience Alaska’s magnificent ambassadors, the Coastal Brown Bears of Katmai, Alaska. Fall is the time of year when the bears are fat with the seasons bounty, their coats thick and lustrous as they prepare for the upcoming winter. A fifty minute float plane ride from Kodiak and we are in another world; the land of the brown bear. We hit the beach running, the friendly staff meets us at the plane and quickly makes us feel at home as they show us to our cabins (single occupancy). After a quick lunch we’re off in search of our first subjects.

Our home for the next week is a beautiful wilderness lodge nestled in it’s own private corner of wilderness in the 3.6 million acre Katmai National Park. The biggest crowds will be the bears we have come to photograph. From Halo Bay north, to Kaflia bay to the south we are the only human inhabitants, visitors in a world most never have a chance to experience.


Included in the $4950.00 price is airfare to Katmai from Kodiak Sept 10-17, 2008, gourmet meals, private rooms, experienced, friendly guides, expert instruction and photographic guidance by your instructor (me). Limited to six participants. While bears are our primary focus, other subjects we may encounter are bald eagles, harbor seals, red fox, to name a few. The scenery is a photographer’s dream with rugged mountains rising up from the sea, picturesque bays, rocky coastlines, extreme tides changing the landscape every twelve hours. We will take advantage of the sweet light each morning and afternoon, exploring the Katmai coastline in our quest for bears. Midday break back at the lodge is a time for relaxation, downloading, editing, sharing images, critiques, time in the digital darkroom finishing favorite images.


For more information or to sign up contact Laurie Excell at: or 503-703-3872


I look forward to sharing on of my favorite little slices of paradise with you soon.

You Are What You Photograph


Last night Frank & I were enjoying a great evening with some good friends when Reg Brooks presented me with an image of me made up of 150 of my images.  Each little square that makes up my image is an actual photograph of mine…wildlife, nature, etc.  Now how cool is that!!! Reg is a multi-talented artist who uses many mediums for his creative outlet. I just love his work.

We Don’t Call Him Joe “Freakin” McNally For Nothing…


For the last couple of years I have had the honor, the privilege, the joy and the great fun of working with Joe McNally at DLWS. There is no one like Joe. He brings his own zany, crazy fun to teaching and makes learning fun! I can never get enough of his incredible images and the stories that go along with them. I know the rest of the staff and the participants at DLWS feel the same way. Well, now you too can enjoy Joe’s images and stories in his fantastic new book, The Moment It Clicks now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. What a great read! Joe takes his amazing images and tells the story behind the image as well as how he accomplished the shot in a way that only Joe can do. Even if you have no interest in photography (get outta here), this is an excellent book. The subjects are familiar faces, his lighting is beyond this world and the stories will keep you up all night reading to the very end. You really won’t be able to put it down. I’m going to order copies to give to all my friends.


As if that’s not enough, no, JFM (that’s Joe Freakin McNally) has launched his new blog too! While you are waiting for the book to arrive, (You have ordered it, haven’t you!) head to Joe’s blog to see what he has up his sleeve this week. When Joe sets his mind to something, well, ya just never know what’s going to happen and I have to say that his blog is outstanding!!! It is full of the Joe I know and love with great tidbits of information, fun stories, images that only Joe can conjure up in his mind and then turn into images that take your breath away. Run, don’t walk to Joe’s new blog and brace yourself for a good laugh as you learn new techniques in the process.