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Tee’d Up 11/24/2007


You just never know what you will come across drivng the loop road at Bosque.  This little guy was having a tough time keeping his balance in the strong wind.

Image captured with D2Xs, AF-S 600mm on Lexar digital media

Pre-Dawn Landing 11/24/2007


Before sunrise, the snow geese fly into one pond to spool up before the morning blast off.  Panning at slow shutter speeds blurs the backgound.

Image captured with D2Xs, AF-S 600mm f4 on Lexar digital media

The Calm Before… 11/23/2007


The calm before….


The explosion!

There is nothing as amazing as the spectacle of thousands of snow geese exploding into the air at once. The chaos, the noise, the awe that never diminishes with each new visit to Bosque.

Images captured with D2Xs, AF-S 28-70mm on lexar digital media.

Ahh, Bosque 11/23/2007


Sndhill Crane taking flight


Female Grackle posing


Snow Goose banking for a landing

I have to admit that I came to Bosque this year with some trepidation.  I had heard that the conditions werre terrible and it was not worth coming.  But, I had a safari to lead and so, come I did.   And, while the conditions are very different than those in the past I found Bosque to be as magical as ever.  It did take me a full day to figure out the changes and where to go for the best photography but, I am glad I came and very excited to share Bosque with my group next week.

Images captured with D2Xs, AF-S 600mm on Lexar CF card, I added a 1.7X for the Grackle