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DLWS Maine Day 3 10/09/2007



Whew, what an amazing week!  I can’t believe it’s over already.  We always end DLWS with the participants slide show where we view their work from the week.  I was completely blown away by the variety and quality of images.  It makes me want to stay and photograph some more.  However, we are now on our way to Cape Cod for our last DLWS of the 2007 season.  I’m looking forward to meeting new people and finding wonderful new locations to share with them.

Both images captured with Nikon D2Xs, AF-S 70-200mm VR on Lexar Digial Film

DLWS Maine Day 1 10/08/07


What an amazing first day of DLWS Maine! We have a terrific group of folks (25% of  the participants are alumni with at least one other DLWS under their belt) who are so eager to learn and have a great time.  We started our day at Jordan Pond where the fall colors are turning very nicely. The wet and overcast day helped to bring out the rich colors in the rocks and the trees. High noon was very successful with lot’s of eager questions and looking over everyone’s shoulders there are some very nice images right out of the gate.

Image captured on D2Xs, AF-S 17-55mm on Lexar 8gb 300X CF card


This afternoon we went to the town of Bernard where everyone photographed the harbor, the weathered docks and boathouse as well as all the great details. I enjoyed working the details with several participants. We finished up the night laughing and enjoying each others company over a delicious lobster dinner at Thurston’s. It’s all good!

Be sure to check out Moose, Josh and Kevin’s blogs for more great DLWS Maine images!!!

Image captured on D2Xs, AF-S 70-200mm on Lexar 8gb 300X CF card

Pre-DLWS Bass Harbor Head Light, ME 10/06/2007


What a glorious sunrise! When the photo gods smile…well, you get this. The gang got up at o’dark thirty to arrive at Bass Harbor Head Light for sunrise. There were just the right amount of clouds, and when the sun cleared the horizon the head light and rocks lit up beautifully. Ah, ya gotta love it when it all comes together.

Image captured on D2Xs with AF-S 12-24mm on Lexar 8gb 300x CF card


We had passed this iconic bridge in Somesville several times and the light as just not right.  After all, isn’t it all about the light?  This morning with high thin clouds, the light was very soft, enhancing the fall colors.  We have hit Maine at a perfect time.  DLWS is going to rock!

Image captured with Nikon D2Xs, AF-S 17-55mm on Lexar 8gb 300X CF card

Pre-DLWS Bass Harbor, ME 10/05/2007


Well the gang is all back together in one of our favorite locations, Bar Harbor, ME and are we ever excited to share this magical location with our participants.  Our first stop was Bass Harbor where there are wonderful boats bobbing in the water surrounded by weathered docks just full of charachter.  Of course, a trip to Bass Harbor is not complete unless you stop in at Thurston’s for a famous Maine Lobster dinner.  Stay tuned as Moose, Josh & I blog of our adventures each day.  I always get such a kick to see what we each blog.  Sometimes it’s downright scary how similar our vision is and then there are other days when it’s like we weren’t even in the same location.  That’s part of what makes it all so fun.

Image captured on D2Xs, AF-S 200-400mm VR on Lexar 8gb 300X CF card