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DLWS Cape Cod 10/16/2007


It’s hard to believe how fast DLWS is flying by.  Great times, killer photo opportunities and an excellent group of people make for a fun time!  This is an image of Nauset Light from yesterday.  When the light is hard…work with it.  I underexposed this image by one stop to emphasize the dark shados and the falloff of light on the right side and then went to B&W Infrared.  It’s very cool to see the variety of images of the same subject from the unique perspective we each bring to the table.

Image captured by Nikon D2Xs, AF-S 70-200mm w/ TC 17E on Lexar Digital Film

DLWS Cape Cod 10/15/2007


Day one of DLWS CApe Cod and we just had to visit a beach to capture that classic Cape Cod look…long stretches of sand and grasses dotted with drift fences.  I had black and white in mind when I headed out to the beach.  It was just a matter of finding the right composition and a little bit of post processing in the digital darkroom.  This is just one of the many techniques we teach at DLWS.  As an added bonus to our great week, Scott Kelby arrived in the middle of the night to join us for some great shooting.  He is just finishing an outstanding presentation of his new book: “Adobe Photoshop CS3, The Seven Point System”  Well, it’s time to call it a night.  Tomorrow is a very busy day.

Image captured with Nikon D2Xs, AF-S 12-24mm on Lexar Digital Film

Pre-DLWS Cape Cod 10/13/2007


We were up and out at o’dark thirty this morining in order to be in place for sunrise at Cape Cod Lighthouse. Just before the sun rose, the sky began to glow with this soft, warm light…the light hit the lighthouse…click!  This is just one of the gorgeous locations we will be visiting with our participants next week.

Image captured with Nikon D2Xs, AF-S 17-55mm on Lexar Digital Film

Pre-DLWS Cape Cod 10/12/2007


The gang has moved on to Cape Cod for our next DLWS.  It was a scouting day and did we ever find some great locations.  There are miles of dunes and beaches, lighthouses, quaint harbors and much more.  We can hardly wait to share our new discoveries with the participants next week.  Stay tuned as once again Moose, Josh, Kevin and I blog our adventures of the final DLWS of the year.

Image captured with Nikon D2Xs, 10.5mm fisheye on Lexar Digital Film