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Layers TV Debuts 09/20/2007


NAPP, the same folks that bring us Photoshop TV have just launched another great podcast called Layers TV. It debuted on Wed, Sept 18. It’s a great new podcast covering everything in the Adobe Creative Suite from Photoshop CS3 to Dreamweaver with Rafael Concepcion and Corey Barker as the hosts you know you are going to be learning something new and exciting with each episode. I know I did. They covered such topics as….well, go see for yourself and you too will mark it on your podcast favorites.

The Road Less Travelled 09/18/2007


As we move into day two of DLWS Michigan, we were out at o’dark thirty to begin our day with a beautiful sunrise. We began our morning photographing a great old schoolhouse from the late 1800s which you can see on Moose’ bog. Our second stop was at this long, lonely road where the light was falling on the power lines in the distance and there was a hint of fall color beginning to show in the trees. As luck would have it, this lone bicyclist came riding by. I waited until she was into the light and captured this image. It made me think of how amazing it is to take a group of students out to the same location and the variety of imags that we see back in the classroom. I guess my message here is to suggest that you, too, take the road less traveled. Follow your passion, find the subjects that inspire you even when you are amongst a group of oher photographers. Bring your vision of the world to life and share it with friends, family, even the world. Inspire someone else to follow their own road less travelled.

Image catured with Nikon D2Xs, AF-S 70-200mm VR on Lexar 8gb 300X CF card

DLWS Michigan Day 1 09/17/2007


We began our first day of DLWS Michigan with a trip to Fish Town. It’s a really funky (cool) location with some outstanding weathered wood shacks, a marina with the plethora of great photgraphic opportunities that a marina brings (boat details, fishing nets, etc) and a fudge shop to satisfy that sweet tooth when we were all shot out. It was a photographers wonderland. While working with one of the students on a scene with a plag fluttering in the breeze against one of the weathered wood buildings, I happened to look down and was mesmerized by the reflections in the water. The light was dancing across the water as the boats bobbed and the reflections were a colorful abstraction. Well, I’m not one to pass up an abstract when it slaps me in the face and so, I began clicking. Pretty soon there were several students gathered around working the reflections.  It’s always great to see the end results of several people shooting the same subject.  No two images are the same.  That’s one of the things I love most about DLWS; helping our students bring their visions of the world to reality by teaching them photography and then how to finish their images in the digital darkroom. I learned a really fun technique from Dan Burkholder (one of our previous guest shooters) called Gausian Glow, and this was the perfect subject to use it on.

Image captured with Nikon D2Xs with AF-S 70-200mm VR on Lexar 8gb 300X CF Card

Sitting On The Dock… 09/15/2007


Another afternoon of glorious clouds. We found this absolute treasure of a location while out scouting and we can hardly wait to share it with everyone at DLWS Great Lakes.  We have some really great spots mapped out and some lessons to help everyone bring their photographic visions to life. It all begins tomorrow.

Image captured with Nikon D200, 10.5mm Fisheye on Lexar 8gb 300X CF Card