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Singing The Upgrade Blues… 08/30/2007


 “Nikon unveils full-frame D3 digital SLR” “Canon announces 21MP EOS-1Ds Mark III” “Nikon adds VR to three supertelephotos, announces two new zooms” “Canon to ship EOS 40D in early September” The internet was all abuzz this last week as Canon and Nikon each introduced two new cameras and several new lenses. I’m sure the backorder lists are huge and growing.  And that’s great.  New toys, I mean tools, are always fun. But at what cost? Do you really need to race out and plunk your hard earned money down for the latest and greatest? Do you need a full frame sensor?  How about 20+ megapixels?  Do the improved noise levels entice you?  Or, is it the faster frames per second that catches your attention?  How about those new lenses?  Does one fill a void in your camera bag?  Will a Super telephoto with VR help you to improve your image quality?  Am I going to upgrade?  Professionally speaking, I feel that it is important to stay on the leading edge of technology so I will like own a D3 sooner rather than later…besides, I’m such a gearhead.  You have to make up your own mind decision based on your needs wants and budget.  And if you do decide to upgrade and need help selling your old equipment remember EQuipmentLady can help.

Meanwhile, my trusty D2Xs did not self-destruct with the announcement of the D3 so I went to the Dahlia fields this morning and got lost for the moment amongst the beautiful flowers.

Image captured with D2Xs, AF-S 105mm 2.8 VR Micro on a Lexar 8gb 300X CF Card.



Grand Finale To A Great Week 08/28/2007


After an awesome week cruising the inside passage of Alaska with a great group of people, I went out whale watching in Victoria with a few of the participants and the photo gods smiled as this orca breached in the last light of the day. What a send off! I’m looking forward to another fun filled week Cruising Through Life in the Hawaiian Islands Aug 2008. Hope to see you there.

Image captured with D2Xs, AF-S 70-200mm 2.8 VR, TC-17E on Lexar 8gb 300X CF Card

Alaska Brown Bear Safari 8/9/2007


Feel a little nip in the air, smell the tange of approaching winter, the bears are in their prime! Filled with the summers grasses and salmon runs the Brown Bears of Alaska are at their peak in early fall as they prepare for a long winter rest. Their coats are thick and glossy, their figures have filled out to nourish them through hibernation. Join me as I take six lucky photographers to the Katmai Wilderness for an adventure of a lifetime photographing the Costal Brown Bears of Katmai, Alaska. From the comfort of our wilderness lodge we will venture out daily in search of amazing photo opportunities. Gourmet meals await us upon our return. It truly is heaven on earth! Fishing is available at an additional cost for those who would like to take home a souvenier of their wilderness experience.  We begin our adventure in Kodiak, where we meet over dinner on the evening of Sept 9 for an orientation and to get to know each other. Included in the $4950.00 fee is guidance and instruction for one week, airfare from Kodiak to the lodge and back to Kodiak as well as lodging and all meals while at Katmai. For more information or to sign up contact: Laurie Excell at or call 503-703-3872

*Safari update….

Bosque has one opening left

Yellowstone is sold out

Fort DeSoto only has a couple of openings left

So Texas has space available

Coastal Brown Bears is already filling

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone NP 08/01/2007


Even during the busiest time of year, Yellowstone is a place of wonder.  I cannot be within 100 miles of the park without finding myself drawn in.  Wanting a different perspective of one of my favorite shooting locations, Grand Prismatic Spring, I hiked out to a hill that overlooks the Spring and found this view.

Image captured with Nikon D2Xs, AF-S 17-55mm, Lexar 8gb 300x CF Card